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Car bump steer is a phenomenon that can affect the handling and stability of a vehicle, particularly during suspension travel. It occurs when the vehicle’s wheels experience unintended toe changes as the suspension moves through its range of motion. Let’s uncover the causes of bump steer and explore effective fixes to ensure a smoother and more controlled driving experience.

What Is a Bump Steer?

A bump steer can result in automatic, unintended steering that can result in potential accidents
A bump steer leads to erratic steering behaviour and requires regular maintenance

Bump steer is defined as the change in toe angle (the angle between the front wheels) that occurs as the suspension travels through its range. Ideally, the wheels should maintain a consistent toe angle to ensure stable and predictable handling. 

However, when the toe angle changes unintentionally, it can lead to erratic steering behaviour, compromising safety and performance.

Let’s find out the causes of bump steer.

What Causes A Bump Steer?

Bump steer may not be entirely avoidable, but understanding its causes and implementing effective fixes are crucial steps toward a safer driving experience. Many factors may cause bump steers, some of these include:

Suspension Geometry Issues

One of the primary causes of bump steer is improper suspension geometry. If the suspension components are not designed or installed correctly, it can lead to changes in toe angle during compression or rebound.

How to fix it

Ensure that the suspension components are designed with the correct geometry to minimise changes in toe angle. This may involve consulting with auto experts or using aftermarket components designed to reduce the issue

Mismatched Suspension Components

Using mismatched or incompatible suspension components, such as different control arms or tie rod ends, can result in varying degrees of bump steer.

How to fix it

When upgrading or replacing suspension parts, ensure that the new components are compatible with each other. Opt for suspension kits that are specifically designed to work together to minimise the issue.

Incorrect Ride Height

Another cause of bump steers is incorrect ride height, whether it’s too high or too low, can contribute to this issue. Changes in ride height alter the suspension geometry, affecting the toe angle during suspension travel.

How to fix it

Ensure that the vehicle’s ride height is set according to manufacturer specifications. This may involve adjusting coilovers or replacing springs to achieve the desired ride height without compromising suspension geometry.

Diagnosing a Bump Steer

Auto experts are the right person to correct car related issues including a bump steer
You can diagnose bump steers through visual inspection and on-car testing

Before attempting to fix the bump steer, it’s crucial to identify whether the issue exists. Several methods can be employed to diagnose the issue, including:

Visual Inspection

Examine the suspension components for any signs of wear or damage. Look for misaligned components or excessive play in the joints. However, if you are unable to do the examination yourself, you can book an inspection appointment with dubizzle cars and get a detailed inspection report in a few minutes after process completion.

On-car Testing

Use specialised tools, such as bump steer gauges, to measure changes in the toe angle during suspension travel. Conduct tests at different ride heights to identify any inconsistencies.

How to Fix Bump Steer

Upon detection of bump steers or misaligned components, you may employ the following steps to fix bump steers.

Adjustable Suspension Components

Use adjustable components such as tie rod ends, control arms and sway bars. These allow for fine-tuning of the suspension geometry to minimise bump steer. Replace stock tie rod ends with adjustable ones, allowing for precise adjustments to correct toe angle variations during suspension travel.

Bump Steer Kits

Speciality bump steer kits, consisting of components designed to mitigate such issues, are available on the market. These kits often include tie rod ends, spacers and other parts. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to install this kit, ensuring that all components are properly aligned and torqued to specifications.

Professional Alignment

Moreover, you may seek the expertise of a professional alignment shop to ensure that the vehicle’s suspension is correctly set up. Car suspension problems can be easily detected by experts who can use alignment equipment to fine-tune toe angles and identify potential issues. Here is a list of vehicle testing centres in Dubai from whom you can avail a detailed car inspection for finding out the root cause of your car problems.

You may also schedule a comprehensive alignment service, specifying the need for corrections to minimise a bump steer. This may involve adjusting various suspension components to achieve optimal alignment.

Regular Maintenance and Inspection

To prevent such issues in future, it’s essential to conduct regular suspension maintenance and inspections. Inspect suspension components for wear, replace damaged parts promptly, and ensure that the vehicle’s alignment meets specifications.


How can I measure bump steer?

Utilise a bump steer gauge, ensuring your vehicle is at ride height with centred steering for accurate measurements.

How often should I check for bump steer?

Regularly inspect your suspension components and make them a part of your car maintenance checklist. Checking for suspension problems is strongly advised especially after modifications or changes in ride height, to address such issues early.

Can bump steer affect off-road vehicles?

Yes, off-road conditions can exacerbate bump steer, making it essential for off-road enthusiasts to pay attention to suspension setup and regular maintenance.

That is all about the causes of bump steer and implementing effective fixes is crucial for maintaining a stable and predictable driving experience. Whether through adjustable components, speciality kits or professional alignment services, addressing issues of suspension components enhances both safety and performance on the road. 

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Stay tuned to the dubizzle auto blog for more on car problems and their fixes.


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