A Deep Dive into the Wax Injection Process

Wax injection process

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The rust-proofing processes are focused on protecting the upper layer of paint, neglecting spaces between the paint and the car body. That said, these spaces retain extra moisture, providing perfect conditions for rust to grow. This is when the wax injection process comes into the picture. The wax injection or cavity injection rust-proofing process prevents rust growth by creating a protective layer in car cavities. 

Let’s take a closer look at the wax injection process and what it brings to the table for the customers. 

Wax Injection Process in Cars

The wax injection process is used to prevent the growth of car body rust. In this rust-proofing method, a molten wax is injected in between the car paint and the body. That said, the wax works as a protective layer, restricting rust from reaching the car body. 

Importance of Wax Injection Process

Now that you are aware of the vehicle wax injection process, let’s move towards its importance. 

  • Prevent Corrosion: Car cavities retain moisture, enhancing rust growth. Wax injection fills cavities, preventing rust growth. 
  • Increase Lifespan: Filling cavities increases the efficiency of the wax injection process, resulting in an increased lifespan of a car. 
  • Retain Resale Value: A corroded body is one of the core reasons that can lower a car’s resale value. Applying the car injection process not only prevents rusting but also retains the car’s resale value.  
  • Maintain Structural Integrity: Rust-proof car body is intact, maintaining its structural integrity. 

Steps of Wax Injection Process in Cars

The following steps are involved in the wax injection process. 

Step 1: Remove Debris

The first step in the wax injection process is to remove dust and debris from the car cavities. A powerful compressor is used to pump the air in the cavities, removing built-up debris. 

Cleaning a car engine using compressed air
It is necessary to clean the car properly prior to initiating the wax injection process

Step 2: Spray WD-40

Once the debris is removed, the same compressor is used to pump WD-40 into the cavities. Pumping WD-40 flushes out moisture from the cavities, preparing it for the rust-proofing process. After spraying WD-40, step 1 is repeated to prepare the car for the final step. 

Step 3: Inject Wax

The wax is heated at 80℃ to 100℃ and then pumped into the cavities. The molten wax creates a protective layer in the cavities, preventing rust growth. In certain cases, holes are also drilled to inject wax at specific places. However, it can cause car paint damage, and repair might be required after the process.  

In case any of the above-mentioned parts are not available, browse through these used auto accessories for sale in the UAE and buy spare parts at your convenience. 

DIY Wax Injection Process

The wax injection process can be DIYed using the injection kits. Here are the steps to DIY wax injection into a car. 

  • Steam Clean a Car: Before starting the DIY process, steam clean the car properly. Opt for a professional steam car wash service for better results. 
  • Treat Existing Rust: Remove rust from the car body prior to applying cavity wax.
  • Spray Cavity Wax: Once done with the above-mentioned steps, spray cavity wax in the required areas. Make sure to spray it properly, only in the desired area. 
  • Apply Wax Underside: After spraying wax in the cavities, apply a thin layer of wax to the underside of the car body and finish the process. 


Is rusting a serious issue in cars?

Yes, rusting is a serious issue in cars, as it can damage the car’s body and can also affect the car’s resale value. 

What is used in the wax injection process?

A molten wax is used in the wax injection process to protect the car from rusting. 

Can I do the wax injection process at home?

Yes, the wax injection process can be performed at home with the help of wax injection kits. 

This was all about the wax injection process in cars and its benefits. Rusting can cause significant damage to the vehicle that can cost a fortune to repair. Therefore, it is better to opt for rust prevention methods like wax injection to prevent the damage. However, if your vehicle is already affected by rust, it is recommended to opt for another one. You can browse through these used cars for sale in the UAE and choose from an array of options. 

Stay tuned to dubizzle’s auto blog for more information on rust prevention. 


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