Ensure a Safe and Trouble-Free Journey: The Must-Follow RV Maintenance Checklist

the ultimate RV maintenance checklist

A recreational vehicle, commonly known as an RV is a vehicle with living spaces for overnight or long trips. RV owners usually embark on adventurous journeys in their trailers; however, it is important to keep them maintained for every season. We have compiled the ultimate RV maintenance checklist for every season. 

RV Maintenance Checklist Tips

Let’s go through a comprehensive checklist RV maintenance guide
RV maintenance is necessary for the upkeep of your motorhome on road

A pre-trip maintenance is necessary for your RV’s long life even if it is well-maintained. Examine your RV from the inside and outside before going on your next trip.

Inside Your RV Maintenance Checklist

Service your RV inside out for its long life
It is important to follow an RV maintenance checklist for your vehicle’s interior

Walk and examine your RV from the front to back and go through this important RV maintenance checklist to maintain the inside of the vehicle.

Turn off the furnace

The furnace runs on propane – switch it off before you leave the vehicle to avoid potential hazards.

Turn off the water pump

A small water leak can turn into a big problem when you are travelling on the road. Shut off the water pump carefully to ensure nothing leaks from the vehicle when you are on the road. 

Turn off the refrigerator

An important RV maintenance checklist tip is to turn off the refrigerator. Driving with an operating refrigerator can cause the propane line to break in small shifts. Even if the refrigerator has something, it is ideal to turn it off when driving. Usually, an RV fridge filled with ice-cold food and beverages will not drop the temperature and it’s safe while driving.

Check the antenna

Outdoor antennas can easily break or snap. Properly store and lower them before making a trip.

Turn off the water heater

Another important point in the RV maintenance checklist is to turn off the water heater while driving. Just like refrigerators, slight shifts while driving can cause dangerous propane leaks.

Close all the windows and doors

Close and secure all the windows when driving to prevent dirt and debris from entering the RV. Also, close and latch all the interior doors, such as the bathroom doors. Slight shifts in RV frames may cause the doors to open, keeping them latched to avoid damage. 

Close the roof vents

Just like windows, close the vents to avoid dirt and debris from entering the vehicle.

Secure all the heavy items

Even if the TV and computers in your RV are well-mounted, secure and store them properly to avoid damage enroute.

Close and lock the cabinets

To avoid clothes and other items from falling out when the RV is on the road, close and lock all the cabinet doors properly.

Empty the trash cans

Secure all the trash cans and empty them before embarking on a new journey to avoid rolling empty trash cans around in the RV while travelling. Use a collapsible trash can – it uses less storage space and is more convenient on the road. 

Outside Your RV Maintenance Checklist

Service your RV exterior for its proper maintenance
Before making a trip maintain the outside of your RV

Go around your RV and monitor its exterior thoroughly. The following exterior RV maintenance checklist emphasises on the places that need to be checked outside your RV before making a trip.

Check the jacks

The condition outdoors can damage the RV jacks. Look for dents, corroded metal or twisted metal – while travelling the vibration can loosen the bolts. Check for loose bolts and stripped threads. If your RV uses hydraulic or electric jacks, go through the user manual to make sure you check the necessary parts including the hydraulic fluid and the wiring. 

Remove the chocks and store them

Chocks are needed on every stop, ensure to store properly after removing them. Store them somewhere convenient so you can find them easily at your next destination. This keeps your RV secure.

Check the lights and brakes

Make sure all the lights including brake light, turn signal, fog lamps and high beams are working correctly before going to your next destination. Also, make sure the brakes are working properly.

Check the tyres

Inspect the tyre tread and walls for wear and tear and uneven tread. Make sure the RV tyres have proper pressure and that all the nuts are tightened. If the RV needs new tyres, buy them before going for the next trip. If you don’t have a TPMS, here’s how to check tyre pressure without gauge.

Remove the levellers and store them

Remove the system your RV uses for levelling and store them to use at the next stop. 

Retract awning

Retract the RV awnings and securely store them.

Check all the exterior parts of the RV

Close all the doors and latch them properly. If there are any loose latches, tighten them. 

Stow the furniture and secure it

Store all the furniture to secure it to prevent them from loosening while you’re travelling. 

Check the drain and fill hoses

Check the hoses for breakages, holes and cracks. This secures the freshwater, black water valves and grey water from leaking.

Close propane tanks

To avoid any kind of dangerous leaks close the propane tanks. 

Inspect the generator

Check the generator before making the next trip. Make sure it’s in proper working condition without any signs of corrosion or loose wiring issues. If required, change the filters and fluids. 

Remove the water pressure regulator and store it

Store the water pressure regulator in a handy spot.

Fold exterior stairs if any

If your RV doesn’t have retractable stairs, secure and store loose steps or the stools that are used to enter and exit the RV.

Monthly RV Maintenance Checklist

a monthly RV maintenance checklist helps keep your vehicle in the perfect condition
Follow a monthly RV maintenance checklist for your motorhome’s long life

If you’re wondering what is routine maintenance on an RV, know that after the pre-trip maintenance, it is important to follow a monthly maintenance checklist for your motorhome’s long life. Make sure everything is in perfect condition with this monthly RV maintenance checklist.

Check and repair the seals

If necessary, check and repair the seals around the doors, exterior compartment and roof for any water damage on a monthly basis. Repair the seals that are missing or broken and look for signs of water getting in the RV. 

When this happens, you can find standing water, wet interior or water marks inside the vehicle. It can be really expensive to repair the water damage to an RV roof. Moreover, the debris left sitting on the vehicle’s roof can also cause damage. 

Check wet-cell batteries’ water levels

Every month, go over the battery manufacturer’s recommendation and add the required amount of water in the RV on a monthly basis. 

Vacuum and clean air conditioner vents

Make sure to clear the dust and debris from the air conditioner vents and ducts. 

Run your generator

To keep your generator running, check it every month. Go through the RV owner’s manual for your generator to find specific information on how long the generator can run and how much load it can carry when operating. 

Check the engine

Whether your RV runs on petrol or diesel, start your engine and take your RV for a short drive every month. This helps keep the engine components lubricated.

Check and top off fluid levels

When the engine is cool, inspect your coolant, oil, brake, transmission, and wiper fluids. 

Pack emergency toolbox

Pack all the important tools in addition to spare batteries.

Check smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors

Check the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. All RV batteries should be in proper working condition. Make sure to have backups on board.

Check your tyre

Check the tyres monthly. Inspect the air pressure and make sure the nuts are tightened. 

Check under your motorhome

If you are going on the next trip after a month, make sure no animals nest or hang out under your RV for shelter. Also check for entry holes or equipment damage, loose parts, fluid leaks or signs of rust.

Lubricate and inspect slide-outs

RV slide-outs should have a smooth and convenient movement. Examine the latches, hinges and other moving parts of the vehicle every month and lubricate them when needed.

Semi-Annual RV Maintenance Checklist

 semi-annual maintenance checklist is also important
Service your RV semi-annually to keep it running smoothly

You should also service your RV semi-annually. 

  • Wax your RV exterior. Dust and debris from the road, sun exposure and animal droppings can damage the exterior. Clean, rinse and wax your vehicle semi-annually for protection. 
  • Do a detailed damage check, and inspect the problems outside the RV including bubbling, soft and or rusted areas, water damage, holes and cracks that can let dust, dirt, insects and other harmful ailments on the vehicle. 
  • High-wear metal areas including hitches, jacks, slideouts and hinges, among others must be lubricated semi-annually. 
  • Check the water filter and replace it when needed. 
  • Just like the interior, deep clean the RV’s interior. 
  • Load the stuff typically needed for a trip and weigh the RV. Check the vehicle manufacturer’s gross axle weight ratings (GAWR) and the gross combination weight ratings (GCWR). 

Annual RV Maintenance Checklist

Conduct an annual rv maintenance checklist for your vehicle’s effective running
Follow an annual RV maintenance checklist to prevent yourself from major repair expenses

The annual RV maintenance checklist should include what’s on the monthly and semi-annual checklist in addition to the following checks: 

  • Make sure the windshield wiper blades work properly. If they aren’t working or there is a lot of wear, have them replaced. 
  • Check the propane tanks for any wear or cracks on the hoses and seals. Inspect the RV cylinders and hardware for damage or rust and ask a trained technician to make the necessary repairs if needed. 
  • Test all the safety equipment of the RV including smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and carbon monoxide detectors, among others. 
  • Service the brakes
  • Clean and sanitise the freshwater tank
  • Inspect the heating and cooling system of the RV and have a professional service them if needed
  • Make an RV maintenance log
  • Check and rotate the tyres, if they need replacement, go through these used tyres for sale in the UAE and have your pick
  • Check the engine belts and hoses for any cracks or damages. 

This brings an end to our comprehensive RV maintenance guide. Like all other vehicles, maintaining an RV is necessary for its long life and road performance. If you are a beginner, go through these useful tips for RV beginners.

Besides, if you are looking to buy a motorhome for long, adventurous journeys, go through this list of RV motorhomes for sale in the UAE.

Stay tuned to dubizzle’s top auto blog for more on vehicle maintenance, DIY solutions, repair tips and more. 


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