The Ultimate Truck Driver’s Inspection Checklist

Truck Drivers inspection tips

Driving a truck or heavy-duty vehicle is quite different from cruising a light transport vehicle (LTV). Although both require maintenance and attention for safe driving, truck drivers need to be extra vigilant since they carry tons of loads. Moreover, these loads can be hazardous chemicals, fuels or any harmful substance.

As a heavy vehicle driver, one should always follow the set of truck drivers’ inspection tips to avoid road accidents. Besides, the drivers must be aware of the fact that they are sharing the road with others, and slight negligence can bring safety into question.

These inspection tips for truck drivers will help ensure safety. Plus, truck drivers will be able to fulfil their responsibility and comply with traffic rules.

Truck Inspection Checklist

Truck drivers should create a checklist before they drive a heavy-duty vehicle. Here’s a complete guideline that includes pre-trip inspection tips for truck drivers.

Check Around the Vehicle

truck pre-inspection checklist for the drivers
In the truck pre-inspection checklist, always examine the vehicle for any cracks, damages or leaks around the truck

It is essential to take a walk around the vehicle and inspect for the following problems:

  • Check if the vehicle tilts towards one side. It may be due to flat tyres. It can also occur due to improper loading or the vehicle suspension may not be intact.
  • Lock the trailer and load doors properly to avoid mishaps.
  • Pack the load and place it properly in the trailer. Check lashings, sliding ramp and other locks before driving the truck. Ensure that all locks are fastened to avoid falling off.
  • Learn the highest point of the truck and check the load height when keeping them in a heavy-duty truck.
  • Inspect for any loose nuts or cracked parts. Also, check for any leaks, such as oil, coolant or fuel leaks. Drivers can also watch out for any causes of an oil leak since they can also result in other parts damage.
  • Check wheel nuts and replace the damaged ones. A bent or damaged wheel or valve stems can be one of the reasons behind the tyres losing pressure.
  • Inspect different tyre tread wear types since they can affect the driving quality. A bad tyre tread can affect the grip and traction. Moreover, heavy vehicles have more tyres and when following inspection tips for truck drivers, problems with one or two tyres can also result in an accident.
  • Always measure the tyre pressure. Although modern trucks have tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS), it is recommended to check the tyre pressure manually.
  • Check the brake and fuel system before driving.

Check the Truck’s Engine and Battery

checking truck engine before the trip
When following the commercial truck inspection, check the fluid level and other engine components before setting out for a trip

It is one of the essential inspection ideas for truck drivers to check the engine, battery and electric wiring. Speaking of that, follow the below checklist:

  • Look over the essential vehicle fluid types and their levels. For instance, you may face power steering fluid leaks or low coolant levels can result in many problems. Also, check for fluid leaks. Truck drivers can identify fluid leaks from colour.
  • Inspect the electric wirings and systems before you leave for a journey. Since modern vehicles use car computers (also known as electronic control units), checking all systems can help ensure safety.
  • Check the pulleys and timing belts since they can impact the efficiency of air conditioners, water pumps and compressors.

Inspect the Driver’s Compartment

Ensure the driver’s compartment is clean and there are no loose wires

After inspecting the engine, one of the truck drivers’ inspection tips is to examine the following in the driver’s compartment:

  • Ensure your safety by keeping a fully charged fire extinguisher, first aid kit, repair kits, reflective triangles, spare fuses and headlight bulbs.
  • Clean the mirrors and glasses. Besides, follow the safety tips for truck drivers to avoid accidents in bad weather.
  • Inspect the dashboard and control panel. Check that all gauges, metres and warning lights on the dashboard are functioning correctly. Test the operation of the steering wheel, accelerator and brake pedal. Ensure that the horn, turn signals, headlights and other essential controls are in working order.
  • Examine the storage compartments within the driver’s compartment. Check for proper closure and security, ensuring that no loose items are present that could interfere with safe driving.
  • Inspect any electronic devices, such as GPS systems or onboard computers, ensuring they are securely mounted and functioning correctly. Check for any loose wires or cables that could pose a safety hazard.

These were all the mandatory inspection tips for truck drivers. Besides, follow the ways to control the heavy vehicle to avoid mishaps. Always make a checklist and inspect heavy-duty vehicles accordingly. Whether you buy a new or used heavy-duty vehicle for sale in the UAE, always follow the daily truck inspection checklist to keep your vehicle functioning properly.

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