Car Hood Won’t Close: Common Causes and Fixes

car hood won't close, common Causes and Fixes

A car hood plays a crucial role in ensuring the occupants’ safety. It also acts as a shield that protects the engine parts from external elements such as rain, dirt or debris. However, one might notice that the car hood sometimes won’t close properly. It can occur due to several reasons. This leads to many driving hazards and compromises car safety. 

We have penned the common causes of a car hood that won’t close. We have provided solutions to assist you in the matter. 


Reasons why a Car Hood Won’t Close and how to fix it
The working of a car hood depends on the hood latch mechanism

Apart from maintaining the car’s aerodynamic stability, a hood acts as a barrier between the engine and passengers. It reduces the transmission of engine noise and vibrations into the cabin. A car hood provides easy access for car engine problems such as repairs and maintenance. However, if the car hood won’t close properly, it poses a major risk to both the driver and other motorists. 

A hood latch assembly is responsible for the hood’s opening and closing. It consists of the following parts: release cable, bumpers and adjustment screws, cable stop, retainer, springs and a latch. 

Here are the potential causes of a car hood that won’t close. Let’s go through them.  


A latch keeps the car door, hood or rear gate closed when the handle is locked. If it is misaligned, a car door won’t shut properly. Similar is the case for a car hood. If the latch is broken or rusted, the car hood won’t close. Also, the latch mechanism that secures the hood may be misaligned, preventing it from properly engaging with the striker plate.

causes of Car Hood Won’t Close such as damaged latch
A misaligned or broken hood latch will prevent the hood from closing properly


The hood release mechanism in most cars relies on a cable connected to the hood latch, allowing the driver to open and close the hood from inside the car. If the cable tension is incorrect, it prevents the hood from closing properly. 


A penetrating car body rust also hinders the functioning of car parts. The springs play a crucial role in providing tension and support to the hood, allowing it to open and close smoothly. If they are damaged or corroded, they may not provide the necessary tension, resulting in a hood that won’t close properly. 


The metal components in the hood latch assembly may become dry or corroded over time. This hinders their movement and function.  For instance, if the spring is not lubricated properly, it will not return to its original position. As a result, the car hood won’t close properly. 


A hood may also get misaligned if the car’s front end faces damage in an accident. If a component of the hood latch assembly gets disoriented or broken during the accident, it won’t close. Here’s how to avoid road accidents through these defensive driving techniques.

Causes of Car Hood Won’t Lock or close due to accident damage
If the front end of the car faces accident damage, the hood might get misaligned


One might open their car’s hood to check for a problem such as a car engine misfiring. However, the hood may not go close all the way due to the debris collected in the latch. It may also be found on the striker plate and prevent it from completely engaging with the latch.  


Here are different ways to fix a car hood that won’t close properly. They are as follows. 


If a car hood won’t close, a broken or damaged hood latch is usually the main cause. Here’s how it can be fixed:

  • Remove the hood latch trim.
  • Unscrew the bolts that attach the hood to the car.
  • Inspect the hood latch. Check the metal rod’s movement. It must not have any debris on it. 
  • If the metal rod is moving freely, check the hood cables. If they are damaged or broken, replace them. 
  • In case the hood won’t close properly again, inspect and adjust the cable tension with a wrench. 


Inspect the latch and striker plate for any debris, such as dirt or leaves, and remove them if present. Ensure that no foreign objects are obstructing the proper closure of the hood. Also, make sure that all the components of the latch assembly are well-lubricated. Use silicone grease or a penetrating oil such as WD-40. 

How to fix Car Hood that Won’t Close by cleaning and lubricating the latch
Clean the latch thoroughly and make sure that it has no debris or dirt


If the hood itself is misaligned, it may not close properly. Look for any signs of misalignment, such as uneven gaps between the hood and the body of the car. Adjustments to the hood hinges or latch mounting points are necessary to correct the alignment. Also, if the latch or striker plate is damaged, it must be replaced. 


If the above-mentioned ways to fix a car hood that won’t close, it is suggested to seek professional advice. Take the car to a professional mechanic for a prompt inspection. One can also opt for dubizzle car inspection services for autos diagnosis. 

solutions and Cost to fix Car Hood that Won’t Close
Take the car to a professional mechanic for a prompt inspection

This is all on the causes and fixes when a car hood won’t close properly. A car hood is an integral part of a vehicle’s design, ensuring the efficient and safe operation of the vehicle. If it ceases to function properly, it must be inspected and repaired at the earliest. If you’re facing such car issues frequently, it is time to replace your ride. Sift through these used cars for sale in the UAE that have a host of budget-friendly options. 

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